Paediatric Dentistry

Dr Georgia Sheahan, Dr Kristine El-Atem, Dr Brodie Hill and Dr Darius Khadembaschi take a special interest in looking after children and their oral health. Their philosophy is that children today can enjoy healthy smiles for a lifetime with the proper education and dental care during their crucial developmental years. 

Your child can watch this short video to see what they can expect at their first visit!


Your Child’s First Dental Visit

We typically recommend that your child have his or her first dental visit around age three. Some cooperative children can come in sooner, but it is important to us that we make the first experience a positive one.

Children approach the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Our team enjoys watching them discover how to take care of their teeth and engaging them in interactive education to keep their smiles healthy.

We put your child in control. They enjoy working the buttons to move the chair (often with mum or dad in the chair) and pouring water into a cup. We also give them choices when it comes to toothpaste flavours and a toy after their treatment.

Partnering with Parents

Children develop quickly, and keeping parents informed is an essential part of achieving good oral health. We will always share any oral conditions you should be aware of and provide all treatment options available. You know your child best, and we will respect your decisions.

As your child grows, we will evaluate their teeth and bite for orthodontics as well as monitor wisdom teeth development.

Common Childhood Dental Conditions

Dental caries (decay) is one of the most common preventable childhood diseases. With guidance and support, your child can be cavity-free.

  • Proper nutrition
  • Good brushing and flossing habits
  • Fluoride toothpaste
  • Dental sealants

When decay does occur, we offer durable tooth-coloured fillings to repair and seal teeth. Dr Sheahan, Dr El-Atem and Dr Darius Khadembaschi are gentle and work with your child to complete treatment. If your child loses patience, we will stop straight away.

Your Child’s Occlusion (Bite) and Development

In most cases, braces will not become necessary until your child has lost all primary teeth and their permanent teeth are in place. In some cases, however, the jaw may not develop properly to accommodate their adult teeth. In these situations, it can be beneficial to opt for early childhood orthodontics to guide jaw development and reduce future treatment.

Dr Georgia Sheahan and Dr Brodie Hill offer complimentary orthodontic evaluations to ensure your child enjoys a healthy and comfortable smile.

We Welcome Families

Our surgery welcomes families to become part of our dental family. We enjoy watching children grow and playing an important role in your family's healthy, happy smiles.