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The digital age has well and truly hit the world of dental care, and we are all benefiting from this. As little as 10 years ago, uncomfortable putty, moulds, and long wait times for prosthetics plagued the dental world. Now, with the aid of digital dentistry, treatments like mouthguards, splints, retainers, braces, invisalign, teeth whitening and crowns are much faster, more accurate and more comfortable for our patients. 

Not every dental clinic has jumped on the technological developments of the dental industry, but at North Brisbane Dental Clinic, we're all over it. And why wouldn't we be? Digital dentistry is easier for our dentists, and more comfortable for our patients.

We implement the latest technology to make the dentistry we provide more comfortable, more effective and safer for our patients. Here are some of the ways we use technology to improve the level of care we provide.

Cerec Same Day Crowns

With our own in house dental laboratory in full swing, we are now able to manufacture dental crowns in a couple of hours. Remember the days of temporary crowns, gooey impressions and waiting forever to get your crown? Well, that is all a thing of the past. Thanks to newly developed technology and machinery, we can prep your tooth, take a 3D scan and manufacture your custom fit ceramic dental crown, all within a couple of hours.

Being able to fabricate your crown so quickly is not only more convenient for you, but also means any post-operative discomfort from the procedure is minimised, or eliminated altogether. The process of making cerec same day crowns for you is faster, more accurate and more comfortable for you. 

Learn more about where we use this technology:

3D Printer

Digital dentistry is moving fast and it's allowing us to deliver amazing services to our patients. With our in house 3d printer, we can print a model of your teeth within a couple of hours. We use these resin models to make custom sports mouthguards, orthodontic retainers, sleep splints and a range of other appliances. By doing all of this in house, we're able to turn around your appliances in a couple of days!

3D Scanner


Thanks to our 3shape Trios scanner, gooey impressions are a thing of the past. The scanner allows us to create a virtual 3D model of your teeth, which can be used to make splints, retainers, mouthguards, crowns, bridges, veneers and a range of other appliances. We incorporate our scanned images into treatment planning and analysis, which not only gives us improved accuracy and precision, but also means you don't need silicone goo in your mouth any more! 

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays provide high-resolution images, which are useful in diagnosing dental conditions in the earliest stages. Because they emit up to 80 percent less radiation, they are also extremely safe to use. We store the x-rays in digital charts for easy comparisons and to forward to insurance companies or specialists.

Because they eliminate the need for chemical development, digital x-rays are also safer for the environment.

Digital Records

Rather than storing sensitive information in a paper chart, we securely encrypt patient information in our digital system. One of the many benefits of digital records is that our dentists can compare x-rays, periodontal charts and other vital information easily within our system. Your information is important and by keeping it safe, under digital lock and key, we provide greater security and peace of mind.

Electric Handpieces

One of the most common complaints from patients is that the sound of the dental office puts them on edge. Electric handpieces are quieter and produce less vibration than their air-driver counterparts. The result is a more peaceful experience for our patients. 

Intraoral Camera

Using words to describe certain conditions will only go so far. To show patients exactly what we see, we use a small camera to capture images of teeth that we can display for patients to review. Our ability to show patients their teeth gives them additional information to assist in making an informed decision regarding dental treatment.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics treatment utilises small titanium tips to thoroughly clean out infected canals. Since they are flexible, the use of rotary instruments reduces the likelihood of complications during root canal treatment. These small instruments also allow us to complete treatment more quickly, resulting in less time in the dental chair.

Nitrous Oxide

As part of our commitment to patient comfort, we offer nitrous oxide sedation to help patients relax while in our care. We administer a blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a nose mask. This sweet-smelling gas enters the body quickly and encourages relaxation and reduced anxiety. Once we stop administering nitrous oxide, you will feel normal within a few minutes and be able to resume your normal activities.

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