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Meet the Team at North Brisbane Dental Clinic

Developing long-term relationships with our patients and their families brings a lot of joy to the team at North Brisbane Dental Clinic.   We treat our patients as we treat each other – with compassion and respect. Our job is not easy, but we take pride in doing it well. We take dentistry seriously but also enjoy having a bit of fun and conversation with our patients so that you enjoy the time you spend with us.


Dr Georgia Sheahan, BDSc, AMusA


A keen rower at school, an accomplished pianist, and an even better dentist, Georgia has been endowed with the two most important gifts a dentist can have; an ability to put people at ease, and a love of precision.

Having worked for many years for a select group of private practices who did things differently to the way she would like to have done them, Georgia decided to do it her way.  This did not surprise her family! 

So, in 2009 Georgia established a private practice in Windsor, in a big brown building.  Then, in 2016 when she could no longer bare the baby poo colour of her digs, she decided to find premises that better suited her style.  And so, North Brisbane Dental Clinic was born. 

In amongst all of this, being a perfectionist, Georgia has also travelled to the ends of the earth to learn from the best. She has completed continuing education courses in many fields but has a particular interest in paediatric dentistry and orthodontics.

Her time is quite sought after now, but that is ok, because if you can’t get in to see her quick enough, she has 3 other dentists who share similar qualities to her, and they will be more then willing to look after you.  Whomever you see at North Brisbane Dental Clinic, you will be in good hands.

Dr Brodie Hawker

Dr Brodie Hawker (nee Hill), BOralH DSc, GDipDent


Dr Brodie Hill graduated from Griffith University in 2012, and joined the team at North Brisbane Dental Clinic after spending five years working in private practice in Melbourne.

After sipping more coffees than her synapses could handle and finding her wardrobe had more black in it than an undertakers laundry basket, she decided enough was enough and she returned home to sunny Queensland, right into the lucky hands of North Brisbane Dental Clinic.

Since graduating, Brodie has completed hundreds of hours of professional development in Australia and abroad, to ensure she is providing her patients with the most up-to-date, evidence- based treatment available. Most of this continuing education has been done in the fields of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Brodie loves to get to know her patients (beyond just their teeth), and with the help of her dedicated assistants, aims to make each dental visit as pleasant as possible. 

Dr Darius Khadembaschi, BDSc


Darius is so busy with other parts of his life, he only works as a dentist on Saturdays.

Having completed his dentistry studies at the University of Western Australia and working in a private practice in Tasmania, Darius decided that he didn’t just love teeth, but also every other part of the human body as well!  So, he decided to undertake studies in Medicine at the University of Queensland, while continuing to practice as a dentist.  We are still lucky to have him though, even if it is just one day a week!

Darius practices all aspects of general dentistry. He is passionate about educating patients to empower them to be able to make informed decisions about their dental care.

In his downtime, Darius enjoys getting outside and amongst nature, mostly to go surfing or rock climbing and occasionally hiking or mountain biking. He also enjoys listening to and playing music, particularly flamenco guitar, which he learned while living in Granada in southern Spain for eight months.

Dr Louise McCallum, BDS (JCU)


Given Louise spends a large portion of her spare time clinging to the sides of mountains, and running for kilometres on end for no particular reason, we are glad she took the time to seek us out, and then join our team at North Brisbane Dental Clinic.

Louise likes things to be exact, as you would hope, given her life probably depends on it when she is hanging from a cliff top.  This is not only a good thing for her, because she will probably live longer, but it is also a great thing for her patients, who will get the benefits of her desire for precision.

Louise used to be a Nurse, so you are in good hands if you need your vitals taken or a stern talking to for not resting when you’re told.  Once Louise decided to be a dentist she went back to University, won every academic prize under the sun and then settled in nicely with a practice on the Southside of Brisbane.  But having grown up in North Queensland, her inner magnet drew her towards the north pole and luckily, straight to us at North Brisbane Dental Clinic.

Sam Xue

Samantha Xue


Sam is our wonderfully gentle hygienist. She has many years of experience treating children and adults, with a strong focus on patient care and attention to detail. She works to support our dentists in looking after you and all your hygiene needs, from doing your cleans, taking xrays, and adjusting braces. When she's not at work looking after your teeth, she is probably enjoying the outdoors or travelling to wild and wonderful destinations.

Katrina Cossalter

Practice Manager

Kat is our amazing practice manager. She's super organised, super efficient and super fun! Kat is the person who makes sure everything behind the scenes at North Brisbane Dental Clinic keeps running smoothly. We'd be lost without her amazing attention to detail and care with everything she does. So get used to seeing this smiling face when you come in to visit us!


Front Office Co-ordinator

Tiffany has been a dental assistant with us for over 5 years and is an integral part of our team. She is a fantastic assistant, receptionist and is the person we count on to keep all our materials stocked and up to date. She is often one of the people you'll see at the front desk or in the surgery, helping to look after you.


Dental Assistant, Front Office and Lab Co-ordinator

Mikayla is one of our trusted dental assistants and receptionists. You'll often find her setting up and assisting in procedures, greeting you at the front desk, or in our in-house lab making mouthguards or retainers. She has a lot of experience in orthodontic assisting, as well as general dentistry. Her skills in the lab are impressive, so if you've ever had retainers, mouthguards or whitening trays made with us, chances are it's Mikayla who made it for you! 


Front Office Co-ordinator

Julia is our highly organised and lovely receptionist. You will usually be speaking to Julia over the phone when you call up, or at the front office when you arrive for your appointment. She can always be counted on to answer any questions you may have, or to find someone who can. 


Dental Assistant

Ash is one of our lovely dental assistants, so you will usually see her while you're in the surgery having treatment. She can always be counted on for a friendly smile and her cheerful mood. Her amazing baking skills are making it hard for us to stick to our diets, but once you've tasted her cupcakes, you can never say no to another one!


Dental Assistant

Shona is another one of our fabulous dental assistants. If you're in the waiting room and hear someone laughing in the background, it's probably her! She brings her compassion and sense of humour to work every day and our patients love her.



Dental Assistant

Hanna is one of our amazing dental assistants, and you will also find her greeting you at our front office. She brings with her a beautiful personality and a caring attitude. Hanna is a hard worker whose wonderful empathy makes her a favourite with her fellow team members, as well as all of our patients. When she's not looking after you here at the dental clinic, she's probably out enjoying some horse riding.


Dental Assistant

Claudia is one of our lovely dental assistants, so you'll often see her helping our dentists during procedures. She's always there with a friendly smile, ready to comfort and care for our patients. She is currently studying for her Bachelor of Dental Science at university, so you'll usually find her here on the weekends.


Dental Assistant

Seerat is another dental student we've recruited to be a dental assistant. Her prior knowledge of dentistry is obviously part of what makes her an amazing team member. Well, that, as well as her caring and gentle nature. As she's currently studying Bachelor of Dentistry, she's not here all the time, but usually on Saturdays.

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Dr Brodie Hawker
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