North Brisbane Dental Clinic

Dr Louise McCallum, BDS


Given Louise spends a large portion of her spare time clinging to the sides of mountains, and running for kilometres on end for no particular reason, we are glad she took the time to seek us out, and then join our team at North Brisbane Dental Clinic.

Louise likes things to be exact, as you would hope, given her life probably depends on it when she is hanging from a cliff top.  This is not only a good thing for her, because she will probably live longer, but it is also a great thing for her patients, who will get the benefits of her desire for precision.

Louise used to be a Nurse, so you are in good hands if you need your vitals taken or a stern talking to for not resting when you’re told.  Once Louise decided to be a dentist she went back to University, won every academic prize under the sun and then settled in nicely with a practice on the Southside of Brisbane.  But having grown up in North Queensland, her inner magnet drew her towards the north pole and luckily, straight to us at North Brisbane Dental Clinic.