North Brisbane Dental Clinic

At what age should children start coming to the dentist?


We generally recommend age three. Some dentists recommend sooner, but we find if you try to examine a child's teeth at one or two years of age, they get scared and don't cooperate, or they may have short attention spans that make sitting still difficult. 

It's vital that their first visit is a pleasant one so we make their experience an interactive and educational one. We allow them to push the buttons on the dental chair to make it move (usually with mum or dad sitting in the chair first). They can also push buttons to turn the lights on and off and pour water into the cup. Our goal is to help them feel involved in the process of their first dental appointment. 

We let them choose the flavour of their toothpaste and provide encouragement when they correctly brush their teeth. If they are anxious or get upset, we stop straight away. We work at your child’s pace and try not to push them beyond their patience.

Every child gets a reward bag at the end of their appointment that includes a fun toy for a successful appointment.

If you’re seeking a gentle and kind family dentist in the Wooloowin area, we invite you to arrange an appointment to meet our team.