North Brisbane Dental Clinic

Injectables are not just for wrinkles!

October 17, 2017
Posted By: NBDC

North Brisbane Dental Clinic is pleased to now offer muscle relaxants and dermal fillers for our patients. In our clinic muscle relaxants are primarily used for patients with TMD who experience pain due to overuse of their jaw muscles. 

Dr Kristine Allen also offers muscle relaxants for cosmetic treatments such as gummy smile and softening wrinkles (crows feet, frown and forehead lines). As we mature it is natural to lose volume and definition to lips, which we are able to restore with the use of dermal fillers. Some patients are worried that cosmetic injectables will make them look weird and unnatural, however here at North Brisbane Dental rest assured that we don’t let this happen! We use a conservative approach for our cosmetic treatments, starting with a minimal dose to ensure a natural look and we like to bring our patients back two weeks after their initial treatment to review their response and retreat as necessary. If you are interested in muscle relaxants or dermal fillers, please let us know at your next general dental appointment.