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Help Your Child Have a Great First Trip to the Dentist

February 10, 2021
Posted By: Georgia Sheahan
Trust North Brisbane Dental Clinic with Your Child's Oral Health

Is your child about to turn 3?  If so, then this is the perfect time for them to make their first trip to the dentist! 

There are numerous benefits to early dental visits including monitoring the health of your child's gums, lips, and mouth.  

As a parent, you play an important role in your child's first trip to the dentist!  

Our team at North Brisbane Dental Clinic has assembled tips to help you prepare your child for their first appointment.  

#1 Talk and Play with Your Child

Before your child's first dentist appointment, there are fun and easy ways you can help them get ready.  

  • Explain to them what the dentist is and what they can expect from their visit 
  • Make it fun! Play dentist, tell them the dentist is the tooth fairy's friend, or that the dentist's job is to check for sugar bugs  
  • Reinforce that a trip to the dentist will be fun 
  • Bring your child with you to your own dental appointment  

#2 Watch Videos with Your Child to Help Prepare 

Today's parents have many resources available to them on the internet. One of our personal favourites that can help you prepare your child for their first trip to the dentist is this episode of  Peppa Pig. Watching this with your child will help them learn what to expect in a fun and relatable way! 

Dr. Georgia also put together a video for kids to help them get to know her and understand what to expect during their first trip to the dentist.  

#3 Ease their Anxiety with Comfort and Relationship Building 

Some children are anxious when they need to see a doctor. If this sounds like your child, let our staff know, and we will be sure to chat with them before their exam to help put them at ease. If your child is very young then sitting them on your lap can help make them feel more at ease, this is also an option.  

If none of this helps put your child at ease, do not worry! Ultimately, we want your child to have the best experience possible at their first visit. We will never force them to sit for a cleaning.  

For all children who come to our office, our goal is to establish the trust they need to feel comfortable when they come back for their future visits.  

#4 Talk to Your Child About Their Trip to the Dentist  

At the end of their visit, your child will be given a goodie bag to take home with them.  

This personalised bag includes toothpaste, a sparkly toothbrush, a sticker, and a toy.  

Kids even get to choose which colour toothbrush they'd like as well as their own sticker and toy.  

When you get home review the contents of your child's goodie bag with them and talk about what they liked best about their first trip to the dentist.  

Trust North Brisbane Dental Clinic with Your Child's Oral Health 

With simple preparation, you can help your child have a great first trip to the dentist.  

  • Chat with them to help put their minds at ease 
  • Watch videos to prepare them and show them trips to the dentist can be fun 
  • Take time to talk to them after their visit and ask them what they liked most 

Remember that your child's first visit is about establishing trust which will create a solid foundation for their oral health. If you are ready to schedule your child's first routine oral health screening, a member of our team is ready to assist you.