North Brisbane Dental Clinic

Good things Grow.

May 14, 2020
Posted By: Georgia Sheahan

Ten years ago, Dr Georgia Sheahan set up a small practice in quite an ugly little brown coloured building in Windsor.  Despite the fact she started with no patient base and was in an aesthetically compromised location, Dr Sheahan had a clear vision:

To be the best dental clinic in Brisbane by changing the community’s perception of dentistry through technical excellence, empathy and honesty

Having abided by this vision for more than a decade now, North Brisbane Dental Clinic (now at Wooloowin) continues to flourish and grow into a valuable contributor to the local community. So much so, that we are running out of space, so Dr Sheahan has decided to use the spare bit of unoccupied land the site provides and extend the building westward towards the setting sun.

If you pop by any time soon, you will see that construction is well under way.  Speaking for all the staff, we are all very excited, not just because it is a wonderful design and will be such a lovely space to work in, but because it lifts the spirit to be part of something positive successful that was borne out of a fidelity to such a clear and principled vision.