Injuries to the mouth during contact sports are a huge problem for children today. Custom fit mouthguards can only be made by a dentist or a prosthetist, and they are the gold standard in mouth protection. The old fashioned "boil and bite" mouthguards do not provide customised and uniform protection for the entire mouth. Making custom sports mouth guards is quick and easy at North Brisbane Dental Clinic. We have decided as a group to heavily discount this product, as we believe it is of upmost importance for all children (and adults) to have a proper mouthguard for all contact sports. Check out our available colours below. Why not have a little fun with colour combos?!

Thanks to our in house laboratory, the process of getting a custom mouthguard is simple and easy. A 5 minute appointment is needed for us to take a 3D scan of your teeth (no more gross goo in your mouth!), then your mouthguard is ready for collection within one week.