Anxiety Management

Do you feel anxious about coming to see the dentist? Rest assured, you are not alone! Many people feel stressed and nervous about getting dental treatment. Sometimes this is due to a bad experience in the past, or perhaps the whole experience just leaves you feeling uneasy. All member of our dental team are well attuned to this issue and will support you throughout your treatment. Our dentists and dental assistants look after people every day who are struggling with anxiety and we will take all the time you need for you to feel comfortable.

Our clinic is equipped with nitrous oxide, otherwise known as "happy gas". We find this a most helpful adjunct to everyday dental treatment for children and adults alike. The effect of this gas varies depending on the individual. Some people feel quite elated, and sometimes get the giggles. Others feel sedated and tired, though still with a sense of well being. 

Another tool we sometimes use to combat anxiety is the prescription of an anxiolytic (tablet) to be taken before treatment. This is not appropriate for everyone, and should be discussed with your dentist on a case by case basis.